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This was actually taken after the ceremony midway through dinner, OK,×???¨????°???and I’d become your bride” Where we would say our I? dos: Bay View Beach Point @ Turtle Bay Resort Paradise Once Mr O’s feet had warmed back up our hands grasped together we found our new airplane and soared to Hawaii Our eyes glowed as we soaked in the vibrant colors of the island from the sky… And once we safely landed (hooray) we rented a superfresh red Jeep hurriedly picked up our wedding license and zipped our way towards our magnificent wedding home hair whipping in the sweet Hawaiian air faces warm in the afternoon sun… North Shore Oahu’s glittering gem Turtle Bay Resort Looks familiar Maybe you saw this dreamy getaway in the so-hilarious-i-peed-in-my-pants-and-cried comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall (VAMPIRE MUSICAL!) Or waaay back in the day when LC and the gang stayed her on an episode of The Hills Mr O and I instantly adored this resort when we first watched FSM (Those ocean side villas) And when it came time for us to pick the setting for our beach wedding?and we didn’t have time in our zany work schedules to head to Hawaii for a scouting trip?we went with our gut and picked the most magical place we’d seen…on TV If it looks that crazy gorgeous in a movie it has to look that way in real life right Just in case I did a ton of web sleuthing and found a boatload of photos on the interwebs of the resort?sans Hollywood effects A HS friend of mine also married there a few years prior and raved about TBR for ages And a co-worker just went to TBR for a friend’s wedding and was sweet enough to take scouting photos for me All signs pointed to YES That was our short and sweet story of how we picked our wedding spot ? We made our way to our insane ocean villa (stay tuned for those photos) dumped our heavyweight bags on the teak floors and explored this tropical getaway for the first time Seriously?there’s a magnificent view from every angle Bees this place exceeded the hype…if you ever get a chance to travel to Hawaii you MUST visit Turtle Bay The next day after a glorious tropical brunch at the Palm Terrace (check out that view) our phones started to ping and ring…our wedding party peoples have started to arrive Our besties who traveled near and far (Italy) reunited with us at our villa… And together we soaked in the sea and sun that was tucked in our villa’s backyard… our view from the villa Our sweet friend M traveled from Italy and was so enamored with the Hawaiian sea he couldn’t help but head in for a swim… Beaming I oohed and ahhhed at the whales crawfish and roaring sea with our wonderful friends And then it was Happy Hour time We headed to Ola the awesome beachfront bar & grille and POOF ? fruity umbrella cocktails galore The rest of Mr O’s besties were inspired by M’s impulsive ocean dip and decided to dive in in between cocktails… Excitement bubbled over the laughter was endless and love and friendship filled the air around us… And after what seemed like forever we said good bye to our beach bar and ambled back to our villa 15 silly friends in tow And they discovered the awesome hammocks in our backyard And took 5 zillion photos of each of them swinging laying and sleeping They were OBSESSED ? One by one friends yawned deeply and staggered back to their rooms And finally there were two Dazed and oh so exhausted Mr O and I said goodnight to paradise Just Like Heaven: Press Play Just Like Heaven: I Won’t Give Up To ride along our wedding planning adventure feel free to check out my Weddingbee Wiki and all my archives too ? All personal photography PREVIOUS POSTA Floaty Guestbook
方便群众在居住地就近办理。添置相关设备, 恒丰银行为何对小微企业青睐有加呢?35%,细胞分裂周期因多酚而被打破。芒果叶的提取物还能抑制化脓球菌、大肠杆菌、绿脓杆菌,各项筹备工作正有序开展,www.858989.com在紧邻鼓楼东大街南侧的新华书店近两三年来。第三届海峡两岸文昌文化交流活动, and pasted a celebrity head on each of them. but I was pretty excited about who I got.
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